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At present, 17 heads of thoroughbred Akhal-Teke horses are represented in our farm in the Leningrad Region. Among them are stallions of producers approved for use in breeding work, three: Garson born in 1995 and born in 2001, both sons of Gaigysiz progressive line Posman, and magnificent Isabella stallion Anji-Khan in 2014 birth line Kaplan, who became twice the absolute champion of the exhibition North Star 2016 -2017 years. Also, two stallions of 2016 are growing up: the golden-boody Yadigher from Garzon and the Isabella Awali of the rarest Toporbai line. Among the mares are:

  • The 2015 World Champion the bay braid of the rare Everda Teleke line
  • Dolonaj line of the Fakirpelvan line
  • Two mares of the line of Gelishikli Yablonka and Jessica
  • Kira Sakar line Aja-Khanum mare
  • The mare lines of Posman Filigree and Sabermedger
  • young growth 3 mare l. It is posited and one Sow-house-2, the descendant of Melesur and Ghazir, the smart Dilguna.
In 2017, gorgeous children were obtained from Garzon, who worked as a manufacturer at the Veles Agricultural Complex, specializing in the cultivation of Arab and Akhal-Teke horses of the World Class. On this tribal career Garzona finished, put in work Grief and Anji-Khan.